Better Later Than Never

Even though I grew up in a large family, I did not learn how to cook until much later in life. My mom was a great cook, but she only allowed some of my older sisters to cook. I would not have gotten dinner on the table because my afternoons were spent on the asphalt at band practice. Now, I enjoy preparing meals for my family. Eventually I learned how to cook. I hope to write a cookbook in the distant future.

On Memorial Day a friend came by for the day. He and I grilled burgers, fresh corn, vegetable kabobs, and tilapia.  We had a blast.

On Sunday I attended a cookout with my large extended family. I made chili. Some of my other siblings did a lot of the grilling,  but I enjoyed watching them.

We talked about good times and ate delicious food.

Happy cooking,



2 thoughts on “Better Later Than Never

  1. Haha those food looked authentic. Cooking is indeed a skill that is a must to be required by people because without it, how could we possibly survive? Nice showcasing of skills, and the best of luck for your cook book. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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