Christian, Dinner is Ready

I was late finishing dinner several nights ago. I recall getting home later than usual. Perhaps, I ran a few errands after I picked my grandson up from school. 

Mostly,  I bake my meats. This day I was baking some chicken, probably leg quarters because chicken wings cook quickly. 

I guess my boy was getting hungry even though he eats a snack before he does his homework. It was getting dark and getting closer to his bedtime. 

Normally, he plays in his room until I call him for dinner. This night he came up the hall and said, “Christian, dinner is ready.”

I laughed so hard. Grandma was not getting dinner on the table fast enough for him. 

My grandson is comical. He is 6 years old, but he says the funniest things sometimes. I love the sound of his voice and he likes to make his granny laugh.

Happy cooking,



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